From The Busy Streets to The Harvest Fields

In the past 5 years, many volunteers have served in HCBN. cialis and lower back pain God has been so faithful in sustaining the ministry with dedicated volunteer missionaries. I’ll tell you one of the life stories of a volunteer who has stayed and sacrificed a lot for the Lord’s work. Edmundo Ardamoy was born on October 24, 1983. He spent his childhood in the place of his birth, La cheap viagra online Paz, Iloilo cialis bought in canada City. When his mother died in 1997, he was sponsored by his uncle to go to high school and college in Antique – a western part of Panay island. He did everything to sustain his own personal needs and pay for his projects. After he graduated from Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, for one year he had an opportunity to work for a food company and was able to work fulltime in the business of his uncle on the next few years.   One day, a horrible thing happened in his life. His father and grandmother that he always talked with, were living far from him, he began thinking about many problems and came to a point that he sometimes had nothing to eat. He got a nervous breakdown in 2007. He walked naked along the streets, looking to scare people, shouting at anyone, and sometimes the drug addicts and drunkards would make fun of him and even beat him. On one occasion while riding the bus with his grandma, he jumped out of the window!   When his grandma took him again to La Paz, Iloilo City. He eventually started to go to church again as his grandma taught him. He got active in the church during the last quarter of 2008 and started going out with other young people. The Lord blessed him with good health and the restoration of his mind.   In 2009, 3 months after HCBN started to go “on air”, the HCBN volunteer missionaries started to invite Edmundo to eat lunch with them every day. He was helping HCBN buy their water and food. Aside from that, Edmundo worked as sildenafil dosage a “trisikad” driver, he was able to give money for the uplink fee of HCBN. He’s been a great part of the work in the ministry. That’s why every time HCBN goes out to shoot, Edmundo is always asked to go with us and help. He’s responsible enough to do tasks, cialis tablets uses especially naion and cialis the heavy physical ones.   Before when HCBN left for Faith Camp Asia at the Central Philippine what if viagra doesnt work Adventist College (or CPAC), in Murcia, Negros Occidental – the next island from Panay where HCBN is located. HCBN staff and Edmundo stayed at CPAC

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for a week. When Edmundo returned to La Paz, viagra cialis online his “trisikad” was gone! It was impossible because he made sure it was chained and locked what a disaster, his means of livelihood gone. Well, truly God allowed that his “trisikad” was taken because He had better plans for him. He decided to become an HCBN volunteer and has been a faithful one since generic cialis online then. All the while, many thought Edmundo can’t do any media work. But believe it or not, every time we

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need to cover an event, Edmundo is the first choice and willing to be the camera man. Edmundo has been blessed to visit Boracay, Negros, Cebu, Bukidnon, Davao, Manila, Ilocos Norte and other parts in the country and even to Jakarta, Indonesia.   Wherever Edmundo goes, his life has been a blessing to many. He’s known as the “prayer man”. People may laugh at him and look at him as a weird person but they cannot deny the fact how spiritual Edmundo is because of his prayer life. It will come to a point that even before you converse with each other, he would ask you to pray first.   Recently, Edmundo graduated from Philippine Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (PAFCOE). After 4 months of training, Edmundo is back with HCBN to continue to serve as part of the production team. Among all HCBN volunteers that have come and gone, Edmundo is the one who has stayed the longest and the most tadalafil dosage patient of all, I believe. We thank the Lord that He used a mentally disordered person and changed him to become an enlightened

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person. Now he is equipped to be a harvester of souls.   If God can use this kind of person to enlighten many souls around, He can use you too! Are you available?     *trisikad is a three-wheel drive, a bicycle with a side car; also known as pedicab.  

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